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At the law office of Karen S. Fenchel, we are focused on families, geared to guiding clients to the least adversarial process that best serves their individual goals and concerns. Attorney Karen Fenchel’s first consultation focuses on assessing the specific needs of the client and finding the process that is most appropriate for each individual situation. Divorce options run from consulting, unbundling, mediation, collaborative practice and representation. While representation can end up in litigation, in our office, negotiated settlement is usually the rule. Karen has the experience, education and understanding to guide individuals through the complex divorce process, forging settlements that protect and support their unique needs and that of their families.

Focus on Families

Working in family law for over 30 years, Karen Fenchel has seen the negative effects of divorce on families. She has met with individuals who are intimidated by the costly legal system and have fears about their future. As an educator in both elementary and special education, she has gained tools to enhance her ability to work with families in crisis. As a certified family law specialist, Karen has acquired the knowledge to assist clients in cases involving complex financial issues. She focuses on all areas of family law, including divorce, paternity, custody, child and spousal support, retirement, property and other financial issues as well as pre-marital and post-marital agreements.

Family law is a complex area of the law requiring a thorough understanding of California case law and the Family Code. As a certified specialist, Karen has the background to handle complex financial issues and address tax ramifications. With her background in education and years of experience in custody matters, she understand psychological issues and child development. Karen Fenchel has handled many contentious custody matters, working with therapists to evaluate what is in the best interest of the children and the family.

Attorney Karen S. Fenchel’s practice, when appropriate, is settlement oriented and includes family law mediation, collaborative practice and negotiated settlement. In both mediation and collaborative practice, the clients control the process. In a confidential setting without court intervention, we arrive at mutually agreed upon solutions tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the client(s) and their family.
Some situations do not fit into either a mediation or collaborative approach, and these cases require effective advocacy and well crafted negotiation skills. The end goal is to minimize the emotional and financial impact of divorce, to help people move on with their lives and achieve a positive outcome for themselves and their families.
Whether you choose mediation, collaborative practice or litigation, our office will handle your case in an efficient and effective manner. Our office is always available to support, encourage and advise clients. We care about the outcome and the ultimate effect on our clients and their families. In mediation, collaborative practice or litigation, our clients and their families come first!

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