Property Division Attorney, Walnut Creek CA

property division attorneyProperty division matters that arise during divorce proceedings are often hostile and difficult affairs, particularly when one or both parties holds different types of assets. Not surprisingly, proceeding with any property division negotiations without the assistance of a skilled property division attorney is a bad idea, as you could find yourself significantly short-changed by the opposing counsel.

When facing any type of property division matters in California, be sure to consult with a qualified property division attorney, someone like Karen S. Fenchel. With 25 years of family law experience under her belt, Karen S. Fenchel is familiar with a wide array of property division matters, including those that involve complicated or hidden assets such as:

  • Real estate
  • Privately-owned businesses
  • Retirement and savings accounts
  • Stock options
  • Community debts
  • Furniture, vehicles, and other real property

Property Division Attorneys Help You Get a Fair Valuation

As California is a community property state, marital assets are to be divided evenly between both spouses. However, this does not necessarily apply to community assets, and piecing together who gets what from the marital estate quickly gets complicated when different types of assets and holdings are involved. This is where a property division attorney comes into play.

Karen S. Fenchel is a seasoned property division and family law attorney who has been serving California for over 25 years. Her extensive experience makes her a valuable ally as she works to secure personal property, identify and evaluate hidden assets, and fight tirelessly to protect your interests at all time.

Request a Meeting With A Qualified Property Division Attorney

If you have any questions about property division, or any other family law matters in Walnut Creek, CA, know that you can rely on the Law Office of Karen S. Fenchel. As a distinguished property division attorney, Karen S. Fenchel can address all your concerns and help steer your case towards a resolution that works for you.