Child Support Attorney, Walnut Creek CA

child support attorneyChild support proceedings and cases can arise from a variety of conditions. The primary two ways in which these cases are set into motion usually involve a party who requests child support via a divorce, domestic violence, or paternity case, or via a request from agencies such as the Department of Child Support Services. After all, California law mandates that providing adequate child support is the legal duty of every parent.

Needless to say, child support proceedings are complicated legal affairs. When facing any type of child support matter in California, we highly recommend that you speak with a skilled child support attorney. These are complicated legal matters with far-reaching financial and emotional consequences that should not be taken lightly     

How A Child Support Attorney Can Help

Regardless of the circumstances at hand, you can count on seasoned family law and child support attorney Karen S. Fenchel to fight tenaciously on your behalf. She is familiar with a wide variety of child support matters in California, and can provide expert counsel on the following types of child support case:

  • Establish Child Support
  • Modification (Increase or Decrease Payments)
  • Establish or Remove Wage Assignments
  • Get Child Support Credit
  • Determine Back Child Support Owed
  • Set Reasonable Payment on Arrears
  • Additional Stipulations or Agreements
  • Accountings for Additional Expenses

Need A Child Support Attorney in California?

If you are dealing with any type of child support case in California, you need to seek the counsel of a qualified child support attorney. Trust these sensitive matters to an established and reputable legal professional.  With over two decades of family law experience, Karen S. Fenchel is equipped to handle any type of child support matter in Walnut Creek, CA.

Call the Law Office of Karen S. Fenchel to speak with a seasoned child support attorney today, and to schedule a free initial consultation.